AstroCamper Making Comets

DaCota Schrader recalls his AstroCamp experience and prepares for Comet ISON's encounter with the sun on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  He writes:

Hello, I'm DaCota Schrader.

My experience of 2011 and 2012 was great. Astro Camp is held in Dave's House. I made crafts and star-charts. The teachers taught us how to find planets out of our solar system.  

At night around 10:00 me and fellow astrocampers went to Dave's House to stargaze. In my telescope I spotted messier objects and even parts of the Milky Way. I stayed up until about 1 every night.  My last craft was a homemade telescope. I even spotted a star cluster in DAYLIGHT (a.k.a. the American flag). So my experience at astrocamp was great. Just can't wait until next year.

Since Astro Camp I joined MAS (Michiana Astronomical Society). I gave a presentation on the History of Comets at a MAS meeting. I gave the same presentation at my old elementary school for their space night.  Mr. Bueter and I also made dry ice comets for the children. 

dacota-turkey-crop.pngI also helped to design the ISON picture for the local Comet Festival for ISON. My picture describes ISON. A turkey is the comet as it is circling a campfire which represent the sun. His feathers are falling off and that represents the dust tail and the left wing is blue and that is the ion tail.

I really enjoyed Astro camp. The wonderful teachers taught me a plethora of space knowledge. 

 ---DaCota Schrader

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