Imaging Saturn

saturn-video-grab.pngAt the 2014 AstroCamp, kids grabbed an admittedly dark and shaky video of Saturn as seen through (though not factors of) Darren Drake's 18-inch telescope.  Under the guidance of staff member Lee Keith, they stacked individual frames from the video and processed them to yield a final image. The imaging is made possible by the camp's Enyeart Astro-Imaging Program equipment. For comparison, here's video of Saturn through a lesser point-and-shoot camera.

Note the subtle details in the planet and its rings. Horizontal bands of varying shades on its surface delineate the clouds encircling Saturn.  The icy rings are made more prominent by the contrasting dark Cassini Division. 

Saturn-Dakota-lowres.pngImage by Dacota S.

Jacob_14-07-21_22-06-25_processed.jpg Image by Jacob P.

cbush_14-07-21_22-03-26_processed.jpg Image by Constantin B.

william_Amos_14-07-21_21-39-32_processed.jpg Image by William A.



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