Camper Blog: My AstroCamp Experience

For 2016 AstroCamp, some campers briefly (remember, it's camp--not school) shared in writing their thoughts.  Evelyn C. writes:

My AstroCamp Experience

AstroCamp was very educational for me. I learned hundreds of things. My father loves astronomy and is an amateur astronomer. He came to volunteer on Wednesday.

Some things I learned were about where stars are in the sky and how to locate them. We had an experience that you can not get anywhere else, not even a planetarium. The AstroCamp was very fun. We almost always go out at night to put what we learned in action. I found out how to find arktourous and spika. [Ed.: Arcturus and Spica]
So AstroCamp was very fun for me. I would recommend that if you like stars and planets to join AstroCamp. I assure you will enjoy it.



Briana W. writes:

What I learned in astro camp

I learned that Jupiter has 67 moons. We also built Galileioscopes.


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