AstroCamp Pluto Video

The YMCA Camp Eberhart AstroCamp 2015 participants, in honor of the New Horizons spacecraft, have put together a video showcasing Pluto moving. This is because the New Horizons spacecraft is currently passing by Pluto. The spacecraft was closest to the planet on July 14th at 7:49 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The New Horizons spacecraft and Pluto are the foci by this years AstroCampers. The New Horizons will be traveling to many other Kuplier belt objects. The images were captured by the Cerro Tololo telescope in La Serena, Chile, courtesy of Skynet Junior Scholars. The images where then processed by the AstroCampers, Jacob P. , Dakota S., and Pablo Y. into a small movie available at the following below.

The video was created through the following process. The images were captured by the telescopes hours apart to give the appearance that Pluto was moving against the background stars. The images were downloaded to a computer through the Skynet Junior Scholars page. The images were then transferred to an editing software called Afterglow, available through Skynet. The images were than put through a Histogram and then stacked on top of each other by using several stars as reference points. The aligned images were then played to create the video below.

Article by Jacob P. and Dakota S.

[Note: AstroCamp youths later requested and processed a second set of Pluto images and made a movie at]

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