— July 26, 2017

ISS Zooms Past Jupiter

AstroCampers capture the International Space Station (ISS) on video as it seemingly zips past Jupiter and its moons.

— July 16, 2016

Camper Blog: My AstroCamp Experience

AstroCampers Everlyn C. and Briana W. describes their inaugural experience at Camp Eberhart's extended astronomy program.

— July 16, 2016

Camper Blog: Observing Run Plan

AstroCamper William A. plans an observing run to get the most out of a clear night.

— July 9, 2016

Don't Disturb the Solargraphs

AstroCamper Jacob P. made and mounted pinhole cameras to capture the path of the sun. If you see a "solargraph" can, please do…

— July 9, 2016

Camper Blog: The King's Secrets

AstroCamper Carter C. describes the role of the spacecraft Juno as it arrives at Jupiter during AstroCamp week.

— July 9, 2016

Images from 2016 AstroCamp

Images from 2016 AstroCamp hint at the action and relaxed moments alike.

— July 8, 2016

Mirror Magic at AstroCamp

A unique trick upgrades a flat image projected onto a surface into a seemingly 3D depiction of the subject. Very cool demo.

— July 8, 2016

Imaging the Planets

AstroCampers are taking stunning digital images of the planets to complement and enhance the naked eye view.

— July 8, 2016

Quantifying Darkness Overhead

AstroCampers continue to monitor the night sky with light meters to measure how dark the site gets.

— July 6, 2016

Get Ready for 2017 Solar Eclipse

AstroCampers observed the sun through multiple techniques in anticipation of the 2017 solar eclipse. Clear skies at night…

— July 5, 2016

2016 AstroCamp Underway

The 2016 iteration of AstroCamp is underway and the fireworks are blazing for the Fourth of July.

— July 1, 2016

New Big Scope

AstroCamp gains a new 18-inch reflector telescope.