2014 Dark Skies Values

AstroCamp2014-SQMs.JPGSince 2006 AstroCampers have been monitoring the night, and this year they continued the practice on July 22 at 12:10 a.m.  At 2014 AstroCamp, kids measured the darkness of the night sky with Sky Quality Meters (SQMs) and the Dark Sky Meter phone app. 

The average values for the SQMs were 20.78 magnitudes per square arcsecond, and 21.2 for the Dark Sky Meter app.  From personal experience, Chuck finds the DSM to yield consistent yet darker values than the SQMs. 




SQM 0730 = 20.32

SQM 0736 = 20.98

SQM 0733 = 20.84

SQM 2494 = 20.98

SQM AVE. = 20.78

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