Images and highlights since 2003.

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AstroCamp 2016


Fourth of July week launches with fireworks. Holiday offers upsides for AstroCampers and staff, including a 2:1 ratio.  Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are prominent.  For images of 2016 AstroCamp, see


AstroCamp 2014


The New Horizons flyby of Pluto is a dominant theme as camp is beset by cloudy weather for several nights. Advanced campers make video of Pluto moving against background stars using telescopes atop a mountain in Chile. Stargazing is limited to between the holes of the clouds.  However, Astrocampers made their own Galileoscopes and used them the first night for planetary observing--Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn excel.   Images are linked to flickr set.


AstroCamp 2014


Mostly clear skies support telescoping and image processing.  Saturn is a standout; pictures linked to flickr set.


AstroCamp 2013


Clouds give way to beautiful nights; pictures linked to flickr set.


AstroCamp 2011


Milky Way high overhead; pictures linked to flickr set.


AstroCamp 2010


Morning and afternoon groups gather together at night.  Crowning sight is asymetrical Jupiter, missing its southern belt. Two TV crews visit and air stories.


AstroCamp 2009


Making a scope from two lenses. Yes, those are four moons of Jupiter we saw!  Celebrating the 2009 International Year of Astronomy with a "Shoulders of Giants" video that summarizes the AstroCamp adventure.  Guest staffers include Patrick Stonehouse, discoverer of the comet bearing his name.


AstroCamp 2008


Clear skies yield oodles of deep sky highlights, from nearby Io to the Wild Duck Cluster.  Guest counselor and author Michael Chauvin brings his expertise and pleasant character from Hawaii.


AstroCamp 2007


It's camp--not school--so expect s'mores!  Lots of sunspots and solar prominences.  Paper plate Moon Finders, inflatable planetarium, and a scavenger hunt are among the daytime activities.


AstroCamp 2006


Big scopes cause big smiles.  Weather cleared, with sightings ranging from an Io occultation to--the Corey Lake Monster!  Check out those rings of Saturn.


AstroCamp 2005


Two AstroCamp sessions this year.  Sightings range from Iridium flares to Messier objects.


AstroCamp 2004


Pictures from campfires, scoping, rockets, and more.


AstroCamp 2003


Mars nearing close approach.  AstroCampers record telescopic field of view on paper plates.  Sunspots active.