Welcome to a Stargazing Adventure!

AstroCamp is a featured program at YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, MI, that gets kids under the stars. Learn constellations and handle telescopes to explore the night sky in depth.  Register now for a dynamic week of astronomy and other activities in a friendly camp environment. 

Observing with telescope


Astronomy has been integral to Camp Eberhart for decades.  See images of AstroCamp since 2003.


AstroCamp events, experiences, and ideas.  Keep looking (us) up.

2010 AstroCamp staff


A dedicated team of regular and guest instructors bring diversity of astronomy expertise to the mix.

Clear Sky Chart-Yarger Observatory


Links that support our week of gazing at stars, the sun, satellites, and celestial highlights.


The Yarger Observatory & Astronomy Learning Center at YMCA Camp Eberhart is home to AstroCamp.  Dark skies and cool breezes make for great nighttime observing.


Scenes From AstroCamp

Video, above, shows a sample of activities from the 2010 AstroCamp session. Imagine yourself here!

Recent Blogs

ISS Zooms Past Jupiter

AstroCampers capture the International Space Station (ISS) on video as it seemingly zips past Jupiter and its moons.

Camper Blog: My AstroCamp Experience

AstroCampers Everlyn C. and Briana W. describes their inaugural experience at Camp Eberhart's extended astronomy program.

Camper Blog: Observing Run Plan

AstroCamper William A. plans an observing run to get the most out of a clear night.

Don't Disturb the Solargraphs

AstroCamper Jacob P. made and mounted pinhole cameras to capture the path of the sun. If you see a "solargraph" can, please do not disturb it.

Camper Blog: The King's Secrets

AstroCamper Carter C. describes the role of the spacecraft Juno as it arrives at Jupiter during AstroCamp week.

Images from 2016 AstroCamp

Images from 2016 AstroCamp hint at the action and relaxed moments alike.

Mirror Magic at AstroCamp

A unique trick upgrades a flat image projected onto a surface into a seemingly 3D depiction of the subject. Very cool demo.