Don't Disturb the Solargraphs


"What are you doing, Alex?"  The Camp Eb counselor was on a ladder securing an aluminum can above the hammocks, and every passerby exhibited curiosity.  That same trait--curiosity--is propelling AstroCamper Jacob P. to make solargraphs of Camp Eb scenes. A solargraph is the resulting image over a long duration with a pinhole camera, in this case made from an aluminum can.  The solargraphs for Camp Eberhart are being placed concurrent with identical Anniversary Solargraphs that celebrate Indiana's bicentennial.

Jacaob and Alex initially mounted cans above the hammocks, the store, and Coop's Tower. Please do not disturb, bump, obstruct, or tamper with the cans.  Some will remain in place through December; others until 2017 AstroCamp.  

Camp Staff: Before you remove the can from Coop's Tower, please cover the pinhole with tape!  Chuck Bueter will then visit to reclaim the cans.  More details will follow as I update this blog post.  

Thank you for respecting Jacob's handiwork.  Now comes the hard part--waiting.


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