Welcome to canadian pharmavy generic viagra a Stargazing Adventure!

AstroCamp is a featured program at YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, MI, that gets kids under the stars. Learn constellations and pfizer viagra 50 mg online handle telescopes to explore the night sky in depth.  Register now for a dynamic week of astronomy and other activities in a friendly camp environment. 

Observing with telescope


Astronomy has been integral to Camp Eberhart for decades.  See images of AstroCamp since 2003.


AstroCamp events, experiences, and ideas.  Keep looking (us) up.

2010 AstroCamp staff


A dedicated team of regular and guest instructors bring diversity of astronomy expertise to the buy advair diskus online uk mix.

Clear Sky Chart-Yarger Observatory


Links that support our week of gazing at stars, the sun, satellites, and celestial highlights.


The Yarger Observatory & Astronomy Learning Center at YMCA Camp Eberhart is home to AstroCamp.  Dark skies and cool breezes make for great nighttime observing.


Scenes From AstroCamp

Video, above, shows a sample of it's great! india oversight pharmaceuticals exports viagra activities from the 2010 AstroCamp session. Imagine yourself here!

Recent Blogs

AstroCamp Flyer Debuts

The new AstroCamp flyer for 2015 now features YMCA branding.

AstroCamp in YMCA Brochure

2015 YMCA Camp Eberhart brochure welcomes 10-year-old AstroCampers.

Bamboo Colors

A bamboo spectrograph reveals colors of light.

The Albireo Game

The Albireo Game supports AstroCamp by asking people to decide the colors of the binary star before the 2014 Notre Dame v. Michigan football game.

Imaging Saturn

AstroCamp kids grab frames from a video of Saturn and process the stack of images.

2014 Dark Skies Values

AstroCamp kids use SQMs and the Dark Sky Meter app to quantify the best propecia darkness of the sky.

Enyeart Astro Imaging

Image processing of deep space objects is done with equipment donated by Stewart Enyeart.